Fair & Festival  
Multicolored and energetic, the fairs and festivals of India are the chief magnetism of the country. Echoing the vivacious background of the country, these proceedings occupy a major place in the Indian tourism industry, as numerous people visit the country in order to be a part of them. The traditions of India is appropriately displayed through its frequent festivals and fairs. Fetching out the true strength of the Indian citizens and their civilizations, the Indian festivals discover their origin in the ethnicity, religious convictions, legends and the seasons of the country.

The fairs and festivals either rejoice the alteration of seasons or are of a religious character. For example, Mewar Festival and Holi are celebrated to welcome the coming of spring season. Teej of Rajasthan suggests the commencement of the monsoon. On the other hand, Onam in Kerala and Bihu in Assam are celebrated with too much of zest and enthusiasm to mark the reaping season. Other festivals which are constantly the part of the Indian culture are the konark Dance Festival, support the culture of India. Spiritual festivals are innumerable over here. Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi, Christmas, Janmastami, Eid-ul-Fitr, Vasant Panchami, Ram Nabami, Rath Yatra and others are some of the well-liked religious festivals of India. Despite these, the other festivals that are celebrated comprises Desert Festival, Elephant Festival, Raksha Bandhan, Nouroz, Diwali and Dusssehra and many more.

The fairs and festivals of India take place according to the planetary calendar. Throughout these bright events citizens of all sects, castes and religions join together to celebrate these joyous occasions. Marches are held, prayers are put forward, presents are given and taken and people celebrate by dancing and singing during these colorful events. Passing out the factual colors of the affluent Indian culture, the fairs and festivals of India contribute a significant part in alluring tourists to the country. These fairs and festivals are an essential ingredient of the life of the people of the incredible India.
Pushkar Fair Rajasthan
PushKar fair the well known fair of India is thronged by the people in large number. The fair is incomparable and is known worldwide. This fair is held at Pushkar, a town which is at a distance of 11Km from Ajmer,
Maha Kumbh Mela
The Kumbh Mela is the "Festival of the Urn" that pours out the nectar of immortality. Kumbha is a sanskrit word for 'pitcher'. It is also a zodiac sign in Indian astrology for Aquarius, the sign under which the festival is
Pongal is a festival celebrated mainly in Tamil Nadu and other Tamil speaking countries. Pongal is celebrated to thank God for the good harvest produced during the year. The festival is celebrated over a period of four
Most Indian homes have access to some yardage - old saris too pretty to throw away and sentimental value stuff that doesn't go too well with today's homes designed with contemporary décor principles in mind.
Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated in India, Guyana, Trinidad and Nepal. The festival shows the Divine supremacy and Human.It is celebrated all over india by making holi fire (to mark the burning of Holika) and
Sonepur Fair
Sonepur fair (mela in Hindi) in Bihar, India has its origins during ancient times. This is when Chandragupta Maurya used to buy elephants and horses across the river Ganges.
Onam is the chief festival of Kerala and is celebrated with great pomp and show. Every individual of Kerala, participates in this festival regardless their religion and castes. It is the state festival and is regarded as the
Chandrabhaga Mela
Magha Saptami also known as the Chandrabhaga Mela is the most popular festival that falls in the month of February. This day is specifically set aside for the worship of the Sun God at Konark.Although the temple is
Tarnetar Fair
The Tarnetar Fair is one of the most important fairs of Gujarat. Various tribes like the Kolis, the Rabaris, the Bharwards, the Khants, the Khanbis, the Charans and the Kathis, get together to celebrate the famous