Most Indian homes have access to some yardage - old saris too pretty to throw away and sentimental value stuff that doesn't go too well with today's homes designed with contemporary décor principles in mind. Well, all this can be put to good use at Diwali time, an occasion for reviving traditions and old-fashioned ideals - and that too, without spending a lot of time or money!

3 Unique Decor Ideas - Festival Fun For Everyone

ˇ You can use existing brass and copper 'handis' (miniature cauldrons) that are brightly polished as a corner decoration in your bedroom, living room, at the base of a staircase or even in the Pooja Room. Simply fill these with water, toss in flower petals and float a tea-light/diya in the center of each pot when dusk falls: a great alternative to artificial light that gives a soft glow to your home and enchants guests too! Sprinkle in some silver/gold dust available in vials in the market to jazz up the floating flowers, if you like against a backdrop of a brocade sari piece mounted on the wall or made into a window screen, for added ethnic charm.

ˇ Ring in the Diwali cheer with bells! Both conventional and modernistic bells (some diya and multi-layered diya stands also come fitted with bells now) can be used at different heights to give an interesting effect - or even announce the presence of a visitor when hung in foyers and entrances. Wind chimes with bells are a popular alternative that gives soft music too.

ˇ Visit the numerous Diwali melas, local NGO's and charities for festive sales and special products you can pick up at a fraction of the market cost (lamps, colored, scented and floating candles, wall-hangings, paper lanterns, decorated platters for serving snacks etc.) Use inexpensive urns you can decorate yourself: simple techniques include dyeing a thick rope of any color you want, applying some adhesive and wrapping that around the earthen pot till it's fully covered. Combine various sizes under mood lighting (dim/two-toned bulbs) and set them against a traditional painting or on a brightly colored rug/footstool for an elegant, earthy look!