Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated in India, Guyana, Trinidad and Nepal. The festival shows the Divine supremacy and Human.It is celebrated all over india by making holi fire (to mark the burning of Holika) and spraying th colours each other (to show the happiness on god's win against the demons or evils). The legend of Holi is connceted to Dasavatharam (10 forms of Lord Vishnu).


Lord Vishnu has taken nine forms and came to earth to save People from the demons and natural calamities. In addition, Hindus are expecting the 10th form, which is expecting to happen after the current materialistic period. These forms are known as Dasavatharam. Out of these, Vishnu took some forms as per request of Devas to save earth and themselves from Demons. However, He took some forms himself to save the people and the universe from demons. Lord Krishna is the most famous form of the Dasavatharam. He took half man-half lion form of Narasimham(Nara means man and simha means Lion) to save his devotee Prahalada and the world from a Demon King Hiranyakashipu. Holi legend is connected to this Narasimham form in dasavatharam.

Holi Legend:-
Once upon a time, a demon king Hiranyakashipu lived in earth got a boon from Lord Brahma. According to the boon human beings or animals cannot kill him, nobody can kill him in his house or outside of his house, he cannot be killed in day or night, he cannot be killed in earth or sky.

Because of this boon, it has become virtually impossible to kill Hiranyakashipu.So Hiranyakashipu became very cruel as he thought he is immortal.Then he declared himself as the God and asked all the people of his kingdom, that he is the god and everybody should worship him. His entire kingdom agreed except his son Prahald. He insisted that Hiranyakashipu is a man and He cannot worship any one else than Lord Vishnu. Because of this Hiranyakashipu tried lot of ways to kill his son, and in one time he ordered his sister Holika who had boon that prevented her from being harmed by fire, to take Prahaladha into the fire. However, in this time, fire burned Holika. Prahalada who was chanting Vishnu sutra, came out of fire, as fire did not burn even his hair. People started celebrating this day as Holi for the victory of god over evil.

The legend continues that after some time when Hiranyakashipu was about kill prahalada, Lord Vishnu has taken Narasimha avatar (half man and half animal) and saved Prahalada. He has taken Hiranyakashipu to the door of his house (not in house or outside of house), kept him in his lap (not in earth or not in sky), and killed him at sunset (Not at day or not at night) with his Strong palm and Lion nails (not by weapons or Mantras).

Holi celebration
Now People celebrate the Holi celebrate Holi by Making Holi fire and spraying colors each other. On holiday north India becomes more colorful as People Spraying Colors each other. We can see Lot of shops with color for Holi.

Holi greeting cards: - People send greeting cards on Holi to their dear ones. Lot of online greeting card websites are providing free animated cards for holi.