Onam is the chief festival of Kerala and is celebrated with great pomp and show. Every individual of Kerala, participates in this festival regardless their religion and castes. It is the state festival and is regarded as the festival of unification. Onam is basically the harvest festival of Kerala. Thousands of people from the adjoining states participate in the festival to have a glance of this majestic celebration. The festival of Onam is celebrated in the month of "Chingam" which is a Malayalam month. Always this festival occurs at the end of August and in the starting of September.

The celebration of Oman lasts for 4 to 10 days. There are numerous activities which are performed during the festival to add more fun to the occasion. The day begins by offering prayers to the Almighty. There are many recreational activities for enjoying the event in the better way. Some of these activities include dancing, singing and other sports like boat races, theater plays make the things more enjoyable. The people also cook delicious delicacies over there. The people participate in the festival with lots of enthusiasm and are dressed in their best of attire. The kids come in the best clothes and the houses are decorated "Pookolam". "PHOOKOLAM" are the beautiful designs which are made on the floor by the flower petals.

This festival is celebrated by the Malayalies all around the world as it is one of the most important festival for them. Thiruvonam is considered to be the most important day of this festival. Huge feast is prepared in every house on this day the delicacies are well enjoyed by the people. Boat race is the major attraction of this festival, people participate into it with lots of zeal and enthusiasm. People come together around the lakes and applaud at a stretch for the boat of their choice. The people enjoy to the fullest and have great fun.

In Trichur, A lively procession with beautifully decorated elephants is taken out which is a major attraction. People throng at Cheruthuruthy, to enjoy the famous Kathakali dance. The performers of this dance enact certain scenes from the well known epics and other folk tales. The participants are painted in various colors and dance to the beats of different instruments like thakil and udukku.

In the villages of Kerala the young men and women, sing Onappaattu, or the songs of Onam this is another important part of Onam.