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Tibetan rugs continue to grow in popularity - even as the traditional Oriental rug market is suffering - why? And why are they mostly made in Nepal and India - can they really be Tibetan rugs if they're not made in Tibet? Tibetan rug making is an ancient, traditional craft that stretches back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. In their nomadic tradition, these rugs primarily served practical purposes - such as horse saddles, seating carpets, and wall hangings to keep out the harsh Tibetan winters. Therefore, by necessity, they are made to be extremely durable and warm.

Tibetan rugs are unique in two ways. First, the traditional weaving material - wool from Tibetan highland sheep - is some of the best wool in the world. The Tibetan highland sheep live at high altitudes and develop wool that is elastic and strong, with high lanolin content which produces a "soft hand". Second, Tibetan rugs are made with the unique "Tibetan Knot" which increases the density per knot over the traditional knot used in all other countries. The combination of these two factors results in durable rugs that are both soft and flexible, providing optimum warmth.
Bhutan Culture Tour
Duration: (5 Days & 4 Nights)
Destinations: Paro - Thimpu - Punakha - Wangdue valleys - Taksang Lakhang

India Bhutan Nepal & Tibet Tours
Duration: (20 Days & 19 Nights)
Destinations: :

Grand Trek in Nepal Tours
Duration: (32 Days & 31 Nights)

Overland adventure in Tibet
Duration: (8 Days & 7 Nights)