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Fairy Queen  
The Fairy Queen train was rolled out for the first time, for East Indian Railway, in the year 1855. The engine of the Fairy Queen train is the oldest working engine in the world. Considering the heritage importance of the Fairy Queen, it has been started again, once a month, from October to February. The Fairy Queen train relives the history, culture and heritage of the places, which fall in its way. Taking 50 passengers, from around the world, the Fairy Queen train tour is a journey of lifetime, from Delhi to Alwar. The train stops at every major destination and the ambience inside the fairy Queen makes you feel like a Maharaja as you take on the royal journey. The Fairy Queen reaches the picturesque town of Alwar in Rajasthan the same day, from where you are taken to the Sariska Tiger Reserve for an overnight stay.
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Itinerary Details
Day 1, Saturday

Fairy Queen Tour, Fairy Queen Luxury Train in India

1000 hrs Train leaves Delhi Cantt. railway station

1030 hrs Light snacks on board

1300 hrs Lunch on board

1500 hrs Light refreshment on board

1600 hrs Arrival Alwar railway station

1620 hrs Departure Alwar by air-conditioned coach

1730 hrs Arrival Hotel Tiger Den 1930 hrs Theme dinner. Night stay at Hotel.

Day 2, Sunday

0630 hrs Jeep Safari for Tiger Sanctuary

Get A Free Quote 0930 hrs Return from Sanctuary & breakfast at Tiger Den Hotel

1200 hrs Departure Sariska by air-conditioned coach

1245 hrs Arrival Alwar railway station

1300 hrs Fairy Queen leaves Alwar

1330 hrs Lunch on board

1600 hrs Light refreshments on board

1845 hrs Fairy Queen arrives Delhi Cantt. railway station.