The state of Gujarat in India, popularly known as the ‘Manchester Of the East’, has a rich heritage of textile crafts. The arid region of Kutchh is the richest in the state in terms of cultural heritage. However, there are several other parts of the state which specialize in some form of textile craft or the other. In this article, we have outlined some of the traditional textile crafts of this beautiful state and have attempted to analyze the scope of these crafts.


The craft of ‘Tie & Dye’, typically known as ‘Bandhni’ or ‘Bandhej’ in Gujarat is practiced in several areas of the state. The term ‘Bandhni’ is derived from the Hindi word ‘Bandhan’, this means ‘tying’. Bandhni from Jamnagar, Anjar and Bhuj are particularly renowned. The Bandhnis from these areas differ from those of other regions in terms of designs and craftsmanship. In Jamnagar, Bandhni work is done on a special type of silky material. Initially, Bandhni work was done only on sarees. Later on, Bandhni salwar kameezes began to be produced. Nowadays, there are many items available in Bandhni, ranging from blouses and scarves to bedsheets and ties. Usually, Bandhni is done in bright colors such as red, green and black. Handmade colors were used earlier; but the scenario has changed now. The traditional patterns used in Bandhnis are dots, squares, waves and stripes. Bandhni is generally done on cotton, silk or satin material. The communities of Muslim Khatris in Kutchh have been doing Bandhni work since generations.