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Tribal Tour Of Arunachal Pradesh  
Arunachal Pradesh, one of the most sparsely populated states of India, covers an area of 83743 sq. Kms.

It is a land of lush green forests, deep river valleys and beautiful plateaus. The land is mostly mountainous with the Himalayan range along the northern borders criss-crossed with ranges running north-south. These divide the state into five river valleys: the Kameng, the Subansiri, the Siang, the Lohit and the Tirap. All these are fed by snow from the Himalayas and countless rivers and rivulets.

Average temperature during the winter months range from 15 to 21 degree celsius and 22 to 30 degree celsius during monsoon & during the summer months range from 25 to 42degree Celsius.The Annual Rainfall in Arunachal Pradesh is more than 350 cm.

There are 26 major tribes and a number of sub-tribes inhabiting the area. Most of these communities are ethnically similar, having derived from original Mongoloid stock but their geographical isolation from each other has brought amongst them certain distinctive characteristics in language, dress and customs.
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Itinerary Details
Day 01 Arrive Delhi
Tribal Tour Of Arunachal Pradesh
Day 02 Full day sight seeing of Old & New Delhi

Day 03 Delhi Guwahati - Tezpur

Day 04 Tezpur to Dirang

Day 05 Dirang to Tawang

Day 06 In Tawang

Day 07 Tawang to Bomdila

Day 08 Bomdila to Itanagar

Day 09 Itanagar to Ziro

Day 10 In Ziro

Get A Free Quote Day 11 Ziro to B/Charali

Day 12 B/Charali to Guwahati

Day 13 Guwahati to Delhi